3 Reasons Why Christians Should Not Sit Out of This Election

Two years ago, I became a citizen of the United States of America. It was such a wonderful time for me! What a privilege, an honor, an opportunity! I am so proud to be an American and in a few weeks, I will be able to finally vote! Then I look at the candidates and think, “Oh great…now what?” Being proud to be an American is tough when all you see are people disappointed with the candidates, vowing to sit down for this election, and Christians saying, “Well, they both don’t honor God so I won’t vote.”

Something does not sound right about that. Unlike some other countries,  we actually have the freedom to vote but instead, we vote to not do anything? Do we have to make a choice solely based on how “good” the candidates are? As Christians, we should know better than that. So to answer the question: should Christians sit out of this election, I give a resounding NO! Here are 3 reasons.

1. Look at who God voted for

Must I remind you of the “presidents” that God Himself chose? Let’s look at King Saul, the first king of Israel. God handpicked this man to govern the nation that God called to Himself. Yet, King Saul screwed up big time. He was an impatient man who did not obey the law of the land and got kicked out of office.

To replace him, God chose David to be the next king. David was a great candidate! He was powerful, strong, intelligent, and loved God. However, while he was king, President David committed adultery with one of the soldier’s wives and later had the soldier killed to cover up what he did because he impregnated the woman.

So let’s say Saul and David were both running for president. One candidate brakes the law while the other sleeps with other women and kills to cover it up. Which one would you vote for? Perhaps you would sit down for that election. You probably wouldn’t have voted for Noah (drunkard), Moses (murderer), and Samson (unwise and impulsive) either.

Does this mean God made a mistake in choosing them? No. It means he chose humans who fail because they are humans. For us to wait on a perfect candidate is for us to wait for Jesus’ return.

2. Look at how God fearing people dealt with pagan rulers

So what are we to do when the person leading our country is not a perfect Christian? We respect the president and continue to serve God above all.

Remember the story of Daniel? He respected King Nebuchadnezzar but still served God above all. Did that mean Daniel had to stand up for his faith? Yes. Did that mean Daniel was thrown into a den of lions to die? Yes. However, God used his faith for His glory.

What did Joseph do when he was a slave in Egypt? He respected authority but served God above all. He started to gain the ruler’s trust in time and later became second in command in Egypt. Did that mean Joseph had to stand up for his faith? Yes. Did that mean he had to do what was right even if it got him in prison. Yes. However, God used his faith for His glory.

I don’t think we’re afraid of having a president who doesn’t honor the Bible; I think we’re afraid of honoring the Bible when everyone else doesn’t. So when there isn’t a candidate that will stand up for the Bible with us, we feel like we shouldn’t vote at all. Maybe we need to begin trusting the God of the universe a little more.

This is not new to God. The law of the land never stopped His plans. So whether we get a president that honors the Bible or not, our calling is to shine our light, stand up for Jesus, pray for our government, and love those around us.

This leads me to my last point.

3. This election does affect us

I was listening to Moody radio and one of the speakers made a very good point. He said, “Would you rather be a Christian in North Korea or in America?” Whether the president is Christian or not, what policies are they supporting? Whether they did stupid things in the past or not, what changes will they make in our country? I believe there will be a time when it will be illegal to openly be a Christian in our country, but for now, I enjoy having the freedom to be a Christian. I enjoy the freedom of worshiping God publicly instead of underground.

How about other policies that will effect our health insurance, economy, and education? Are we going to just sit down while others choose? How is that godly in any way? Instead of bickering about it with other people, how about we pray for the next few weeks? Instead of fighting about it on Facebook, how about we go on our knees and pray for wisdom? This way, on November 8, we can vote as American citizens who love Jesus, love our families, and love the Church. If your worried about whether the election is rigged, let God handle it. Let’s remember the truth of Romans 8:28, “And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.”

As for me? I’m voting for the first time on November 8th. I’m going to vote and trust God.

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