You Are Your Child’s Hero

I am getting married in less than two weeks. It will be a new chapter of my life. I will have the opportunity to display God’s love for us by how I love my wife-to-be, Melinda. As I read the list of laws in Deuteronomy, I can’t help but notice how much God emphasizes the importance of diligently teaching our children the correct way. What does this have to do with marriage? I am the man I am today because of how my parents guided me. I have inherited their strong points and weak points. I see my dad in myself the more I grow older. The question is, what values, characteristics, and teachings will I pass on to my future children? How about you?

Deut 6.6-7

When you fly in an airplane, they always go through safety procedures. They tell you that if the oxygen masks come down, and if you have a child, put on your mask first and then help your children put on their masks. Why is that? It is because you can’t save your child with oxygen if you yourself cannot breathe. The same goes with parenting. Deuteronomy 6:6 says, “And these words that I command you today shall be on your heart.” Parents, you are your child’s greatest role model. You need that oxygen mask first. The Truth we find in the Bible is the greatest tool for parenting. When you follow Jesus, chances are greater that your children will too.

Remember that your children are watching. They watch your every move, every word spoken, every screamed out word. They see when you help someone out of selfless ambition and they see your greed. They repeat your words and are proud of it. Why? You are their hero. Take advantage of that and teach them the correct path. They will hear and see enough garbage out in the world. Prepare them for it. Tell them about the love of Jesus. How He forgives. Tell them what is right and wrong. Teach them as they wake up, and when they fall asleep. Diligently and lovingly show them the correct path and discipline them well. The hero you reveal to your children in yourself will be how they view the true hero Jesus Christ.

Parents, you have an important job to do. Put on the oxygen mask and don’t forget your children.

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