It kills me to know that many churches simply do not make it. Their doors are closed, whether literally or spiritually, and it seems like there’s nothing we can do about it. People leave churches for stupid reasons (yes I said it) and church leaders are left with a decision […]

5 Ways to Destroy a Church

Two years ago, I became a citizen of the United States of America. It was such a wonderful time for me! What a privilege, an honor, an opportunity! I am so proud to be an American and in a few weeks, I will be able to finally vote! Then I look at the […]

3 Reasons Why Christians Should Not Sit Out of This ...

God has been compelling me to pray more and more and to lead Pure Word Church to become a church that is known for prayer. Every ounce of my flesh and every effort of the enemy will try to stop me from doing that. I can find a billion excuses as […]

Where Do Children Fit in Our Prayer Meetings?

As a church planter I have read various church planting books, took a church planting class at Cairn University (formally Philadelphia Biblical University), have witnessed my dad plant and revive various churches, and have gone through church plant training through ARC (Association of Related Churches). I have learned so much […]

Why Church Planters Must Be Good Criers

Our society has such a warped version of Christianity. It is so easy to fall into the lie that following Christ is supposed to be easy, comforting, and give you goose-bumps. That isn’t at all what the Bible teaches us. Jesus says that if you want to follow Him, you […]

What It Takes to Follow Jesus

Life is filled with ups and downs. It’s made up of peaks and valleys. We hear people say that we need to go through the valleys to be able to appreciate the breathtaking view from the mountain peak. We get that. Or do we? Do we truly believe that “. […]

How to Walk the Valleys of Life